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5 Myths About Cell Phone Signal Boosters
I have quite a few friends who work in sales and construction where their automobiles are their mobile offices. With the amount of technology at our fingertips, it is essential for those to have access to the internet or solid voice reception to communicate to those who matter most. Whether it’s your family or your customers, dropped calls are a pain in the rear. There are also thousands of people who go on road trips to explore the continental US where cell reception can be spotty at best, depending on where you are. People who use RVs and campers know first hand just how bad cell signals can be. Luckily there are options available for boosting your connections for your home or even your automobile. I’ve been using the weboost Drive 4G-M vehicle cell signal booster and haven’t dropped a call or experienced laggy data since.It goes without question that almost all of us still experience dropped calls. I use the nation’s second largest network with AT&T, but in San Diego reception can still be spotty. The network quality has improved vastly over the years, but when I’m on a call in my truck and go through one of San Diego’s many hills, reception can be spotty. 

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